Retreats and Reflection

Throughout a student's time at Notre Dame College they have an opportunity to be engaged in various reflection days and retreats. These reflection days and retreats are designed to be an opportunity for students to deepen their personal relationship with God. The retreat and reflection days are focused on students spending time critically thinking about their own spirituality.
The two major retreats that are run at Notre Dame College are the Year 10 retreat day and the Year 12 retreat.
The Year 10 retreat day focuses on students and their understanding of who they are and what they want to achieve in their final two and a half years of school. The Year 12 retreat is the longest retreat run for students at Notre Dame. The retreat runs over three days and in that time students are guided through;                                                                      Retreats and Reflection2

      • The beginning of their story
      • Communication and triggers
      • Who am I?
      • Meditation
      • Family
      • Letter writing
      • God
      • The Relationship Tree
      • Affirmations

By the end of three days of retreat the goal is that a student will know four things better; themselves, their peers, their relationship with family and friends and their relationship with God.


Year 12 Retreat, 2016

Our Year 12 Students for 2016 have kicked off the year with their Year 12 Retreat! The students travelled to one of three destinations with their sister house to reflect and prepare for the year ahead. The retreat aimed to get students ready for what will be a very eventful year, and to create long lasting friendships and memories with some people whom they have gotten to know over the last six years.

McGann and MacKillop students visited Amberley in Lower Plenty; Jennings and Mungovan visited Ferngully Lodge in Healesville and Crane and Kennedy went to Mountain View Retreat in Harrietville. Students participated in whole group and small group activates, took part in a “fun night” activity and helped to organise a para-liturgy to reflect on their new found friendships, their hopes for the year and to become more aware of themselves as individuals.

A lot of positive feedback was received from the students, most saying that they got a lot out of the experience and that it helped them not only prepare for the year but to make new friends with people within their houses. 


Pictured: Above: McGann and MacKillop Year 12 Students at Amberley, Lower Plenty

Below: Crane and Kennedy Year 12 Students at Harrietville



Student comments following the retreats:

Showed me who is really important to me

Reminded me how important family is

Made me think more deeply about my life

It was good to sit and reflect on life

Helped me to think positively

I got closer to the teachers

Helped me to set goals for the future

Prepared me for year 12

Helped me to develop as a person

I will be more open to faith

Taught me how to communicate with others

It was close to my heart

Helped me to make better decisions and change my attitude

They all contributed to helping me reflect on my life

Good to hear family’s thoughts  

Gave me a lot of enthusiasm and courage for the year

Helped me to clarify some of my thoughts

Helped me to remember the support I have at home

Made me realise its ok to tell parents how I’m feeling

Made me revaluate what’s important

Gave me a new perspective

Made me realise how important it is to tell people you care about them

Good to get to know people I hadn’t spoken to before

Good to break away from the big group

Good amount of time to be in small groups for

Got along well with small group

Good to open up with a smaller amount of people

It was fun!

Good to reflect and hear others opinions

I learnt things about people who I had barely known their names before

Helped me to come out of my comfort zone and open up

Awesome talking and sharing with different people

Felt more comfortable sharing with a small group than in a large group

Respectful environment

Felt like a safe and trustworthy environment

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