Immersion Experiences

For many years Notre Dame College has been taking Year 10 students to Fiji on what is termed an Immersion Experience. This term is used to highlight the fact that the one main purposes of the trip is to ‘immerse’ the students in another culture. In 2010 we also began a second Immersion Experience to the remote Indigenous Communities of Lombadina/Djaradjin in Western Australia. In 2011 an additional trip was added to Timor-Leste where students are hosted by the Marist Brothers.

Students on these trips are placed outside their known comfort zones, immersed in a new culture and are actively involved in hands on social justice activities. They obtain a better understanding of what it means to be a young person involved in social justice issues on a global scale. Furthermore it provides the opportunity for students to develop a greater sense of self, their place in the world and the direction their lives could take. They learn the importance of living simply and walking humbly in their journey through life.

Immersion Trips

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