Monday, 25th September

Last week was a fantastic week, with all the students enjoying time with their host families, and experiencing Japanese school life. During each day, students experienced a variety of activities organised by our host school, Aichi Reimei High School. On Wednesday, we visited the local kindergarten. Notre Dame students and the kindergarten students sang, played and talked together. The kindergarten students were very cute and absolutely loved meeting our students. On Thursday, we were invited to the local middle school (years 7 -9), for the school cultural festival. This involves performances of singing, dancing, martial arts and comedy. Friday was an excellent day for the students, in which they attended classes with their Japanese buddies. Highlights included kendo in PE class, goldfish catching in the afternoon, and attending English classes for Japanese students. Each evening, and for the full day on Saturday, students spent time with their host families. Students enjoyed sampling Japanese food, playing Japanese games, and visiting local attractions with their host families. The home stay was the clear highlight of the trip for all of our students, and saying goodbye to host families on Sunday morning was a terribly sad time for everyone, and many tears were shed. 

On Sunday morning, we travelled to Kyoto, which is famous for its beautiful temples and ancient culture. On Sunday, we visited the famous Kiyomizu temple, a beautiful temple on a hill, with an excellent view of all sides of Kyoto. On Tuesday, we enjoyed a great day at Nara, visiting the famous deer park, and todaiji temple with the enormous statue of Buddha. This was followed by a trip to the beautiful Fushimi Inari shrine, famous for its many red tori gates leading to and surrounding the shrine.

We are all looking forward to visiting some more of kyoto's beautiful sites.


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