Performing Arts Programme

Notre Dame College has a long and proud tradition of excellence in the Performing Arts. Students have the opportunity to participate in the following as part of the College’s Performing Arts Programme:

College Dance Group


All students are welcome to join the College Dance Group, and no experience or expertise is required. Students will perform routines in various dance styles, concentrating on contemporary and jazz styles.

College Chamber Ensemble

The Chamber Ensemble is a group of mixed instruments, including brass, woodwind, strings and percussion (guitarists and pianists will form part of the percussion section of the ensemble). Students currently undertaking instrumental lessons, either through the College or privately, are welcome to join the College Chamber Ensemble.

College Choir

The only instrument required for this is your voice. All students are welcome to join the choir, and no experience is necessary.

College Jazz Band

Students currently undertaking instrumental lessons, either through the College or privately, are welcome to join the College Jazz Band.

College Productions

Production 1

Notre Dame College produces two musicals each year. The first, staged in July, is the Whole School Musical which is open to all students at Knight Street and the Year 9 Programme. The second, staged in November, is the Year 9 Production. This began as a Junior production, but with the development of the Emmaus campus it has now evolved to be a part of the Year 9 curriculum.

We endeavour to go beyond singing, acting and dancing – we also look to teach students about current issues, develop global awareness and develop an understanding of important historical events. Every student is welcome to participate onstage or backstage regardless of prior experience and no student is turned away. We are incredibly proud of the positive relationships that are nurtured throughout the production community.

We pride ourselves on our long tradition of excellence in the performing arts. Our rehearsal venue, Starkie Hall, is named after Mother Ignatius Starkie. She was one of many Mercy Sisters who developed outstanding musical and dramatic programs, including the staging of operettas and musical performances, during the early history of our College.

We are very proud to have many nominees and winners in the Georgy Awards conducted within the Goulburn Valley each year. We are most humbled and awed to receive nominations for the Victorian Music Theatre Guild, and have been blown away by recent wins. Most importantly, we are proud of every single student who participates and is able to grow, not only as a performer, but also as an individual.

 Production 2Production 3


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