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Structured Workplace Learning (SWL) provides students with the opportunity to integrate practical on-the-job experience and learnings in industry with nationally recognised VET undertaken as part of either the VCE or the VCAL units. It provides the context for:

• enhanced skill development
• practical application of industry knowledge
• enhanced employment opportunities.

On this page are a number of attachments designed to assist Notre Dame College Students with their SWL, including:

• OHS preparation requirements for SWL
• advice to students on sourcing SWL
• resume and phone skill tips
• Ministerial Order Forms required to be completed by all parties prior to SWL taking place.

Please note:

The total number of SWL days must not exceed

  • 40 days during each school year
  • 10 days during each school term

The total number for of SWL days a student may undertake with an individual employer must not exceed 20 days in a school year.

If students are accepted by an employer for a SWL placement, they must contact the employer to arrange a time to meet with them and complete the SWL Arrangement Form.  If the student will be travelling in a vehicle and/or staying away from home during the SWL, an SWL Travel and Accommodation Form must also be completed. The current forms are available in the attachments below.  These forms must be fully completed and signed by the parent, student and employer and then submitted to the Workplace Learning and Administration Office to seek approval from the Principal for the placement to proceed.  If approved, an email will be sent from the Workplace Learning and Administration Officer to the students’ College email address and the parent email address on file to confirm the placement.  Completed SWL Arrangement Forms ensure that students are covered by the College's Public Liability Insurance Policy in the event of an accident.  PLEASE NOTE: Due to the significant risk to all parties in the absence of Principal approved SWL arrangement form, the placement cannot and must not proceed.

Helpful Links:

Local Learning and Employment Network (LLEN) – Structured Workplace Learning Opportunities

Department of Education and Training – Structured Workplace Learning Information

For further information please contact:

Miss Belinda Picone
Workplace Learning & Administration Officer
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Ph: 5822 8400




document Phone or approaching employers in person Popular Download (docx, 47 KB)
pdf Structured Workplace Learning Flowchart Popular Download (pdf, 339 KB)
pdf SWL Arrangement Form Popular Download (pdf, 158 KB)
pdf SWL Travel and Accommodation Form Popular Download (pdf, 48 KB)
pdf The Resume Guide Popular Download (pdf, 438 KB)
document Work Placement Pack Cover Letter Popular Download (docx, 28 KB)
document Work Placement Preparation Summary Popular Download (docx, 215 KB)
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