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VCE 2018 Preparation/Head Start Lectures

Kick-stat your VCE with a comprehensive program designed to help you get ahead and reduce stress.

Various Universities and other providers in Melbourne offer a range of VCE preparation/head start lectures and programs for Units 1/2 and Units 3/4 during January.

Some providers offer early bird specials if you book in December.

For more information and online enrolments check out the following:


VCE/VET/VCAL End of Year Final Results

Year 12 students need to ensure that they have accurately completed the Personal Details forms, as emailed to them. VCAA use this information for VCE/VET/VCAL end of year final results certificates. 

Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA) Request:

From 2017, the VCAA will collect an email address for students to be primarily used for results delivery and associated processes. 

It is therefore important that the address is active and accessible by the student during the release of results in December through to the following April for communications regarding the Premiers Awards.

Student email addresses must be an email address nominated by the student and cannot be a school-issued email address.

The option is not compulsory and so students can make their own decision about whether or not they provide an email address.


School-based Assessments

At Notre Dame College, school-based assessments are:

  •  Outcome Assessment Tasks (OATs) - VCE Units 1 & 2 and VET Year 1 (Year 11)
  •  School Assessed Coursework (SACs) - VCE Units 3 & 4 and VET Year 2 (Year 12)

Dates for semester one OATs and SACs can be downloaded below.

Where a student will be absent for an OAT or SAC, they are required to apply to reschedule it. The following procedure must be completed by the student prior to the original date or within three school days following their return to school:

  1. The student must complete the relevant Application to Reschedule an OAT / SAC form and attach supporting documentation**. (Forms can be downloaded by clicking the following link Forms or obtained from Student Reception)
  2. The student takes the form to their class teacher to arrange an alternate date for the task to be completed. In most cases this will be the in OAT/SAC catch-up (OSCU) which runs on day 2 and day 9 at 3.30pm in CR10. Dates for semester one OSCU sessions are available to download via the following link OSCU Dates.
  3. The student submits the completed form, with suitable documentation attached, to the Learning and Teaching Leader (VCE) for review.
  4. The student, Head of House, PGL and class teacher will receive an email to notify them of the decision – Approved or NOT Approved.
  5. The student is not permitted to undertake the task at the proposed new time unless the application is approved and the student has received the Approved email.
  6. Where a student fails to attend the rescheduled session a class absence will be recorded and an email sent to the student, PGL, Head of House and class teacher. The student would be expected to attend OAT/SAC Catch up on the following Thursday unless the class teacher makes arrangements for the student to complete the task sooner.

** The following supporting documentation is required if:

  1. Student is unwell at the time of an assessment:


  • An original medical certificate or Doctor’s report or Statutory Declaration.


  • A medical certificate or Doctor’s report or signed note from a Parent/Guardian pertaining to the absence

(b) Other

  • Official documentation or Statutory Declaration or a signed letter from Head of House explaining the absence.

* IMPORTANT NOTE: Where a student fails to follow this procedure, the student will receive an N - Not Satisfactory for the unit.. The student then needs to Appeal via contact with the Learning and Teaching Leader (VCE) within 7 days.



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