East Timor Immersion

This year we will have one group of students and staff travelling to Timor Leste. The staff members are Mr Steve Bognar and Ms Tara McGrath and Father Joe Taylor, parish Priest of St Brendan’s Parish, will also be travelling with them.

The group will visit various Marist associated schools, learning centres and community programs around Timor-Leste and Baucau. The ever reliable and enthusiastic Sebas will again be the guide and mentor for our group as they learn much about the culture and friendliness of the East Timorese people.

09/07/2018: East Timor immersion group have arrived safe and sound in Dili. Everyone eagerly anticipating what’s to come.

12/07/2018: All is well. We travelled from Dili to Baucau today. Visited the prison mueseum in Dili. We are all coping well. Going to the teachers college tomorrow.

16/07/2018: We are all well in East Timor and everyone is getting along with the trip very well. We have adapted to food and water. In Baucau currently. Off to Appofalla tomorrow.

16/07/2018: We spent the last 48 hours in Abufala, visiting the primary school and community, went to local orphanage today. All healthy and well.

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