Web Preference Portal Access

Selecting Subjects for 2019

The Web Preferences portal is open to select 2019 subjects for each year level as follows:

Year 11 into 12 – Thursday, 26 July (Closes FRIDAY 10 August)

Year 10 into 11 – Friday, 10 August (Closes SUNDAY 19 August)

Year 9 into 10 – Monday, 6 August (Closes TUESDAY 14 August)

Year 8 into 9 – Wednesday, 15 August (Closes FRIDAY 24 August)

Year 7 into 8 – Thursday, 16 August (Closes FRIDAY 24 August)


Click on this link for the login page:  https://notredame.selectmysubjects.com.au

If not already signed into Google you will need to log in with your College email address and the password you use to login to your NDC notebook.

Give permissions for Web Preferences to access your account.


  1. Check your name
  2. Select +Add New Preferences


For questions or problems, please contact Mrs Yvonne Emerson or Mrs Susan Nabbs.