Prayer and Liturgy

As a Catholic community, prayer and liturgy is very important to the life of Notre Dame College. It is in our understanding of our relationship with God that we come to understand ourselves and who we are. Prayer is an important part of our daily school life as it reminds us that our day is devoted to God and it is through God's grace alone that we continue to strive to be a unique, whole and holy person.

Prayer and Liturgy2During the year there are a number of significant and special occasions where we come together as a whole College community to celebrate. These events include the College Mass, our Easter Paraliturgy and the Feast of the Assumption.

In our Religious Education classes students have the opportunity to engage in a more personalised prayer experience. Classes regularly start with a prayer and students are engaged in creating and guiding the prayer in class. Additionally, due to our close relationship with the parish of St Brendan's, students attend a morning Mass with the parish community once a fortnight. This connection to the parish reminds us that we are a part of a wider social community and a global Catholic Church.