Retreats and Reflection

Throughout a student's time at Notre Dame College they have an opportunity to be engaged in various reflection days and retreats. These reflection days and retreats are designed to be an opportunity for students to deepen their personal relationship with God. The retreat and reflection days are focused on students spending time critically thinking about their own spirituality.

The two major retreats that are run at Notre Dame College are the Year 10 retreat day and the Year 12 retreat. The Year 10 retreat day focuses on students and their understanding of who they are and what they want to achieve in their final two and a half years of school. The Year 12 retreat is the longest retreat run for students at Notre Dame. The retreat runs over three days and in that time students are guided through;                                                                      Retreats and Reflection2

      • The beginning of their story
      • Communication and triggers
      • Who am I?
      • Meditation
      • Family
      • Letter writing
      • God
      • The Relationship Tree
      • Affirmations

By the end of three days of retreat the goal is that a student will know four things better; themselves, their peers, their relationship with family and friends and their relationship with God.