Update from John Cortese - 23 June 2022

Dear Parents and Carers,

I would like to say again that your overwhelming support of our College over the last 6 months is truly appreciated. It has been great to see that the students have remained positive and resilient, caring for one another and focusing on their studies throughout the semester.

We know already that Term 3 will continue to present challenges in terms of staffing. We will still have high numbers of staff and students affected by COVID and other illness who will need to stay home while they recover. We will be continuing to put in place measure to ensure that all our classes at the College, each day, are appropriately supervised. One of these measures includes some closure days throughout Term 3, on days when we predict that we will experience difficultly with staffing. The days listed below fall at the end of our ten-day cycle when we find it most difficult to cover classes.

We hope that we won’t have to add more closure days as we move through the term but that may be a possibility we will need to consider. At this point we can advise you of the following closures:

  • July 15: Year 8 students not required at school
  • July 29: Year 7 students not required at school
  • August 12: Year 11 students not required at school
  • August 26: Year level to be advised

I wish you and your families a safe and restful holiday period with your children.


John Cortese