Update from John Cortese – 11 July 2022

Hope you have all had a wonderful break and looking forward to Term 3.

Please find below a number of reminders and updates effective as of tomorrow:

Year Level Closures

As previously advised in Term 2; we had already anticipated that Term 3 will continue to present challenges in terms of staffing. We will still have high numbers of staff and students affected by COVID and other illness who will need to stay home while they recover. We will be continuing to put in place measure to ensure that all our classes at the College, each day, are appropriately supervised. One of these measures includes some closure days throughout Term 3, on days when we predict that we will experience difficultly with staffing. The days listed below fall at the end of our ten-day cycle when we find it most difficult to cover classes.

We hope that we won’t have to add more closure days as we move through the term but that may be a possibility we will need to consider. At this point we can advise you of the following closures:

  • THIS FRIDAY, July 15: Year 8 students not required at school
  • Friday, July 29: Year 7 students not required at school
  • Friday, August 12: Year 11 students not required at school
  • Friday, August 26: Year level to be advised

COVID Safe Measures

Rapid Antigen Tests and masks are available from student reception for students to collect.

It is recommended that RATs are used by students that are symptomatic or who are household contacts and attending school (5 negative tests over a 7-day period). The supply of RATs to families in our school will ensure that parents and carers will have them should they need them if their child is a household contact or has symptoms.

Families must continue to notify the Department of Health and the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if their child returns a positive RAT result. Additionally, you should inform us if any of your children are household contacts by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Procedures to be Followed for Students Feeling Unwell at School

  • Students who feel unwell must go to Student Reception / Sick Bay. They are not allowed to email, phone or text parents/guardians directly during school times to advise they feel unwell.
  • If students feel unwell during class time, they must have their Planner signed by the teacher and bring their Planner with them to Sick Bay.
  • Staff will make the students comfortable and contact parents/guardians to collect them from school, if it is determined that this is the best course of action.
  • No Mobile Phones in Sick Bay. Please note that any student who uses their mobile phone during school time to contact parents/guardians, will have their mobile phone confiscated for 7 days.
  • An email will be sent home to all parents/guardians advising them if their child has attended sick bay. Parents will be advised of the reason they attended sick bay and outcome for their child. (This does not mean that Parents are to collect their child).

Students Requiring Leave Passes

Leave Passes are normally only issued for medical or dental appointments during school hours.  The most efficient way of communicating that a student requires a leave pass is for parents to write a note requesting a Leave Pass.  The note should contain the following information:

  • Date
  • Student’s name
  • Reason for Leave Pass
  • Time of departure and time of expected return to the College. If the student is not returning the note needs to state this.
  • Parent signature

Notes must be presented to the Head of House prior to Pastoral Group for countersigning.  The student must then show their class teacher at the time stated on the pass to allow them to leave class and then, the student must sign out via the Kiosk at Student Reception before leaving, and sign back in when they return.

Whenever possible the College asks that parents make these appointments outside school hours. Medical certificates or certificates of attendance are also required. If not provided, the student’s absence will be marked as unapproved.

You can call the school -l however we cannot always guarantee that we will be able to get the message to the student straight away which then can cause them to be late to the appointment.

EFTPOS - Knight Street Canteen and Café Emmaus. 

We are pleased to announce EFTPOS is NOW available at the Knight Street canteen and Café Emmaus. 

This is a great service to support students and staff have more flexibility to purchase food and drink during recess and lunch using EFTPOS.

The EFTPOS machine has a tap and go facility or insert facility.

Cash out is not available, and it is a minimum of $5 per EFTPOS transaction.

Students have permission to use their mobile phones to access their phone wallet whilst at the canteen window / Café Emmaus to make payments.

The use of mobile phones at other times is still prohibited as per college guidelines.

The Canteen and Café Emmaus will still accept cash as per normal.


Some students may find that being away from school for long periods due to having COVID or Influenza leads to feelings of disconnection or anxiety when they return. To reduce this, we encourage absent students to keep in contact with their teachers through their Google classrooms or SEQTA. Heads of House and the Wellbeing team are also able to support students in their return to school.


John Cortese