Coronavirus Update from John Cortese - 7 April 2020


Dear Parents/Carers

You have probably already heard some of the Premier’s updates regarding the commencement of Term 2. At the College we have been preparing since the final week of Term 1 for a Remote Learning Program. We are well on the way to having this ready for all of our students and will use the additional staff day on Tuesday 14 April to finalise our preparations ready for students to begin school work from Wednesday 15 April.

I have prepared a video for our students, families and staff. I would love you to watch it with your children and follow some of the tips I give. Please encourage them to keep doing their best with all of their studies. We have wonderful teachers at our College and they will continue to be our students’ best resource. Students and families are able to communicate with staff using SEQTA Engage and Learn. Prior to Term 2 commencing on Wednesday, 15 April, we will send out our Guide to Remote Learning @NDC for Students and Parents which has lots of detail about how classes will run. Please don’t panic everyone in the state is in the same situation and we have plans in place to support the continuation of your child’s learning. 

The Premier has also announced this morning that, “As we act to slow the spread of coronavirus, the message to students and parents of government schools is clear: all children who can learn at home must learn from home – with exceptions only in extremely limited circumstances.” On-site learning will only be available for students:

  • Whose parents can’t work from home and;
  • Vulnerable students without access to a suitable learning environment at home.

Here is the Premier’s full media release if you would like to read it. Following this VCAA also released some updated information.

If your child(ren) fall into one of the categories above and will be attending the College for supervision whilst they complete their Remote Learning Program (please note there will be supervision only and no lessons being taught onsite), please complete this form for us so that we are able to plan for the appropriate spaces and supervision. CLICK HERE to complete the form.

VCAA Update Today

The Minister for the Coordination of Education and Training – COVID-19 has announced that, on advice from the Chief Health Officer, all Victorian government schools will move to remote and flexible learning and teaching for Term 2. Further details of the announcement can be found here.

The Minister also announced the following adjustments to the delivery of the VCE:

  • The GAT test will move from June to October or November.
  • End-of-year exams will be postponed until at least December.
  • School-based assessment tasks will be reduced where possible to relieve some pressure on students as they move to remote and flexible learning arrangements.
  • Universities will be asked to delay the start of the 2021 university year to account for impacts of coronavirus on senior secondary students.
  • VCAL students will have more time to complete their courses and this will be consistent with the revised dates for the VCE.

The VCAA has also been asked to consider a compressed end-of-year exam schedule in recognition of the disruption caused by the pandemic. Regular updates will be provided on our coronavirus (COVID-19) webpage.

Keep well.


John Cortese