Bus Travel

Department of Transport: Back to School

When travelling on a school bus your child should:

  • Practise good hygiene and physical distancing from others when they can
  • Sit next to their siblings
  • Stay home if they are unwell
  • Practice good hygiene including using hand sanitiser and coughing into their elbow

Extra cleaning is happening on all school buses, including nightly sanitation.

The Department of Transport is working closely with our transport operators and the Department of Education to ensure the transition back to school and face-to-face learning is as simple as possible.

For assistance with the School Bus Program, contact Shepparton District School Bus Program Co-ordinator Melissa Kemp on 5891 2076.

If further information is required in relation to the Public Transport network, please contact the following local bus service operators:

  • Dysons Bus Service (Shepparton) on 5831 2150
  • Jacobsons Bus Service (Mooroopna) on 5820 3700

Alternatively, families can contact Public Transport Victoria on 1800 800 007.

Information for Bus Travellers

From the beginning of the 2020 school year the Skene Street Bus Interchange will be the main interchange for all school buses in the Shepparton area. As a result, some of the school bus routes have changed to accommodate students travelling to various campuses in the Shepparton area.

Please note, buses may not be arriving or leaving from the same bus bays they were allocated to previously.

Staff from Dysons, Jacobsons and the Area Bus Coordinator will be present at the Skene Street Bus Interchange both before and after school for the first week of Term 1 to address any issues that arise and to offer their assistance if required.

Notre Dame Staff are always present at Skene St before and after school to both assist and supervise students.

Dysons Bus Lines

Dysons have announced that there are no changes to their school bus routes or timetables for NDC students.

Students whose home address is outside the 4.8km boundary and are eligible for a conveyance card with Dysons will be able to collect their bus card from Student Reception at the beginning of Term 1.

Students who travel with Dysons but are ineligible for a conveyance card can contact Dysons on
5831 2150 to arrange term passes for travel each term. Daily bus travel will be at a cost of $1.20 each way (total of $2.40 per day).

Jacobsons Bus Company

Jacobsons have advised that there have been changes made to their school bus routes and timetable that may impact on travel times for NDC students. Jacobsons will advise students travelling to NDC from the Mooroopna area by mail about the changes to the bus routes and timetable. If you would like to contact Jacobsons with any enquiries, please call 5825 2323.

Students who travel by school bus from Mooroopna and are eligible for a conveyance card with Jacobsons will be able to collect their bus card directly from the bus driver at the beginning of Term 1.

Contract Bus Travellers

Students who travel to NDC from outside the Shepparton/Mooroopna area were advised in 2019 by mail of any changes to their regular travel arrangements by Melissa Kemp, Area Bus Coordinator based at Mooroopna Secondary College. If you would like to contact Melissa with any enquiries, please call   5825 2344.

Students travelling on contract buses should receive conveyance cards, bus routes and their bus timetable directly from the Area Bus Coordinator by mail.

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