Coronavirus Update from John Cortese - 9 April 2020


Dear Parents & Guardians

Embrace the Spirit of Mercy!

“May we reach out to the women and men in our day,
as mercifully as Catherine McAuley did in hers.”

We are all facing enormous challenges during this time; let us remember that the Mercy spirit is active and alive within a world desperately in need of Mercy. We might also call to mind the famous quote ‘This too shall pass’; it can be traced back to ancient times. It means the difficult thing that you are suffering will pass, as difficult things have passed for others before you.

School Fee Information – Please CLICK HERE.

Remote Learning Program

  • Year 12 students have received an email this morning from Susan Nabbs, Director of Learning and Teaching, with information relevant to their particular situation. To read this message please CLICK HERE.
  • All families and students will receive the Remote Learning Program @NDC Guide on Tuesday next week. The essential points to note immediately are:
    • All students who can learn at home should learn at home. There are a few exceptions to this; see more detail in the next section.
    • Staff will be delivering lessons using Google Classroom.
    • Students will be able to access these lessons on the same day they would normally have the lesson.
    • Lessons will not be live streamed, staff might use pre-recorded video as part of their instruction.
    • SEQTA Learn (for students) and Engage (for parents) will be important for maintaining communication between staff, your student(s) and parents/carers. Please ensure you know how to access SEQTA, for help contact the Office on 5822 8400 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
  • Students and families are not able to access the College grounds. If a student needs to collect anything from their lockers, they will need to contact the College Office to make arrangements to do this.

Students attending the College for Supervision

The Premier has made it clear that those students who can learn at home, must continue their learning remotely – with exceptions only in extremely limited circumstances. On-site supervision at the College will only be available for students:

  • Whose parents can’t work from home and;
  • Vulnerable students without access to a suitable learning environment at home.

If your child(ren) fall into one of the categories above and will be attending the College for supervision whilst they complete their Remote Learning Program (please note there will be supervision only and no lessons being taught onsite), please CLICK HERE to complete the registration form. This must be completed 48 hours prior to your student attending for supervision.

Important points regarding on-site supervision at the College:

  • Usual College rules and expectations for students will apply.
  • All students must wear full and correct full and correct College Winter or Summer Uniform (not sport).
  • Students will not have access to mobile phones.
  • Students will not have access to printers or scanners for hygiene reasons.
  • Students must attend for the full school day, arrival between 8:30 and 8:40am and departure at 3:15pm. Students arriving prior to 8:30am should wait at the front of the College near the flag poles and ensure they are following social distancing rules.
  • Students in Year 7-12 will attend at the Knight St Campus, MCP students will attend at the Emmaus Campus.
  • School buses will be running as usual (please note changes to timetable below).
  • All families who register their student(s) for supervision will receive a follow up phone call from the College. Until this phone call has occurred the student cannot attend the program.
  • CLICK HERE to read full details of the procedures for on-site supervision.

School Bus Timetable Changes

Effective 15 April 2020 morning services on School Town Special Buses will be five minutes earlier than Term 1 times and afternoon services will be five minutes later than Term 1 times. Please note this five-minute earlier morning pick-up and five minute later afternoon drop-off also applies to the School Bus Program. For further details please CLICK HERE.

For assistance with the School Bus Program, contact Shepparton District School Bus Program Co-ordinator Melissa Kemp on 5891 2076.

If further information is required in relation to the Public Transport network, please contact the following local bus service operators:

  • Dysons Bus Service (Shepparton) on 5831 2150
  • Jacobsons Bus Service (Mooroopna) on 5820 3700

Alternatively, families can contact Public Transport Victoria on 1800 800 007.

Online Safety For children and young people

Australia’s eSafety Commissioner has written an open letter to Australia’s parents and carers, recognising that staying safe online is something many parents and carers are concerned about and that privacy and protecting young people should be a priority. CLICK HERE to read the letter.

The eSafety Commissioner will be running live parent webinars throughout April and May and providing valuable information, resources and other webinars to support young people and parents during the COVID-19 pandemic. CLICK HERE to access these webinars.

eSAFETY COMMISSIONER RESOURCE: BEING SAFE ONLINE: The eSafety Commissioner has produced this booklet to provide advice about being safe online, in simple everyday language supported by images. CLICK HERE to access the booklet.

Take care,


John Cortese