Coronavirus Update from John Cortese - 08 May 2020

Dear Parents/Carers,

A Mothers Love

“Your arms were always open when I needed a hug.
Your heart understood when I needed a friend.
Your gentle eyes stern when I needed a lesson.
Your strength and love guided me and gave me wings to fly.”
Sarah Malin

Returning to School

We are currently monitoring Federal announcements and will await further direction from our State leaders and Catholic Education Director over the weekend. We will implement directions accordingly but expect that for our College, we will be continuing as we have been so far this Term for next week. Returning our staff and students to the site, when it happens, will be complex and it will take our Leadership Team time to respond to new guidelines and plan a course of action for our College.

Message from Paul Desmond – Director of Catholic Education Sandhurst


Remote Learning Program

Teachers have proven to be extremely adaptable and innovative during this period and we’re all trying our best and experimenting to make the remote learning programme at NDC as successful as possible.

Please note the college has relaxed the group size limits using MS Teams and teachers now have the option to conduct a portion of their timetabled class as a live stream.

Live streaming offers some academic, social and wellbeing benefits for students whilst they continue to learn from home.

It is important to note the option to live stream classes is not a requirement of the ‘Remote Learning Program @ NDC’ and does not replace the general principles and expectations of students to meet the teacher’s learning expectations and attendance requirements as outlined in the Google classroom for each timetabled class.

Feedback received from some teachers, students and parents, has indicated that for some contexts, live streamed classes will enhance the learning experience.

Please note the following:

Remote Learning Program @ NDC – Live streamed classes

General Principles:

  • Live streamed lessons are to be conducted using Microsoft Teams
  • Students and parents will be informed in advance of the live streamed lesson
  • Video recording of live streamed classes is not allowed
  • Time limits: Teachers are encouraged to limit the time for live streaming lessons and restrict live streaming to a portion of the timetabled lesson. As a guide teachers should not live stream for more than 30 minutes.

A sample 30 minute live streamed lesson could be as follows:

  • Welcome and greeting: First 5 minutes teachers welcomes students into the class
  • Direct instruction: Teacher direct instruction for 15 minutes –students are encouraged to use the chat function to post their questions so the teacher can attend to queries and common themes.
  • Q&A / Clarification: 10 minutes – Q & A with teacher to address queries and clarify expectations for completion of the task/project.

The college is committed to maintain our legal and professional requirements relating to Child Safe as follows:

  • Video recording of live streamed lessons is not allowed
  • The teacher manages the online environment as they do in a face to face classroom.
  • The live streamed lesson is a classroom and therefore school behaviour and discipline policies apply. Norms for online behaviour and expectations of the student should be clear and known including appropriate attire, background and informing others.
  • Parents should not be visible on screen or join any group/class chats being moderated by the teacher, unless they have been authorised by the teacher prior to the class.
  • Teachers will not allow any unauthorised access to the live streamed lesson.
  • All programs not needed for learning, including email, should be shut down prior to the lesson.
  • At the end of the lesson, students will exit the lesson before the teacher.

For any queries, please contact Kris Walker


Thank you to all the parents who complete the survey regarding our Remote Learning Program @NDC. Please CLICK HERE to see the feedback that the survey produced. It is very gratifying to see such positiveness across the College from the Parents, Staff and Students to what is a very new way of learning.


We understand that these can be difficult times to navigate for you and your children. Our Wellbeing Support Services Team have put together a collection of resources which might be useful for you.  CLICK HERE to access this document. Your children are able to contact our Wellbeing Support Service directly by sending an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Registering your child for on-site supervision at Knight St Campus

Registrations open each Monday for the next week, parents are required to register their child/ren by 12:00pm each Thursday for the following week. Please CLICK HERE TO REGISTER.


Enrolments Open for 2021

Please CLICK HERE for the detailed process regarding enrolling your child at Notre Dame College for 2021.  Re-enrolments for existing students will happen later in the year.

If you have any queries, you are most welcome to call the College on (03) 5822 8400 or email the College Enrolment Officer at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Keep well,
Keep safe,

John Cortese