Notre Dame College Board

The Board is constituted on behalf of the College Community, to work with the Canonical Administrator. It actively promotes and supports the Catholic Identity of the College and its Mercy and Marist traditions.

Membership of the Board



 Fr. Joseph Taylor

 Canonical Administrator

 Mrs. Katherine Hunt


 Mrs. Frances Browne

 Catholic Education Office, Sandhurst Rep

 Mrs. Helen Crilly

 Parent Member

 Mr. Rashidi Sumaili

 Parent Member

 Mr. Matt Bowles

 Parent Member

 Mr. Mark Sargent

 Parent Member

 Mr. Mark Washington

 Parent Member

 Mrs. Anne Hutchison

 Parent Member

 Mrs. Tracy Taylor

 Parent Member

 Also attending the Board are the following Notre Dame College staff members in an ex officio capacity:

 Mr. John Cortese


 Mrs. Jennifer Frisardi

 Deputy Principal - College Operations

 Mrs. Emma Reynoldson

 Deputy Principal - Student Wellbeing

 Mrs. Kristine Walker

 Deputy Principal - Learning and Teaching

 Mr. Les Billings

 Deputy Principal - Catholic Identity

 Mr. David Smyth

 Finance Manager

 Mrs. Kellie Morrison

 Executive Assistant to the Principal

Meeting Times

The College Board meets the first Wednesday of each month (excluding school holidays) at 6.30pm in the Delaney Room at the Knight Street Campus.