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Notre Dame College has a long tradition of educating boys and girls of the Goulburn Valley in the Catholic Christian tradition. We offer a wide range of courses to suit the needs of students from Years 7–12 and have a proud record of academic success and vocational achievement.

Enrolment Information2

Please contact the Enrolment Officer at the College for an enrolment package.

Enrolment Officer
Notre Dame College
139 Knight St,
Shepparton, 3630
Phone: (03) 5822 8400

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Enrolment Guidelines

Knight Street and Year 9 Programme

Notre Dame College provides a Catholic education for all children of families who respect and agree to support the Catholic identity of the school and acknowledge the importance of Religious Education for their children.

Enrolment is on an annual basis with an understanding that initial acceptance will normally continue to be honoured annually. During term three each year, parents are required to complete and return a “re-enrolment form” advising the College that they would like to continue their child’s enrolment for the next year.

Applications for Year 7 enrolments for the following year are to be lodged by the closing date which is usually the end of May or early June each year.

Applicants and their families seeking enrolment during a school year will normally be interviewed by a Head of House prior to a decision being made in relation to the applicant’s enrolment. It is important to note that the College does not usually accept enrolment transfers from students from local secondary schools during the school year; however, we are happy to consider an application for enrolment for the following year.

Notre Dame College strives to provide an education for students irrespective of their intellectual capacity and level of ability. The enrolment of students with special needs will be considered on an individual basis.

For further information contact the Enrolment Officer:

McAuley Champagnat Programme

Enrolment in the McAuley Champagnat Programme is by referral from a school ONLY.

To begin the process of enrolment the referral document below must be completed by the school the student is currently enrolled in. For further information please contact the Director of the McAuley Champagnat Programme.

School Fees

Parents are obliged to contribute school fees for the support of the College. However, no student whose parents are genuinely unable to afford to pay school fees in full or in part will be denied admission to the College. Parents who feel that payment of full fees would cause unnecessary family hardship are invited to contact the Finance Manager to make special financial arrangements. Such arrangements will be kept entirely confidential.



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McAuley Champagnat Programme External Referral Form (24 downloads) Download (docx, 147 KB)
Asthma Care Plan for education and care services (234 downloads) Popular Download (pdf, 136 KB)
ASCIA Action Plan Allergic Reactions Green (239 downloads) Popular Download (pdf, 238 KB)
Anaphylaxis Epipen Personal Action Plan (270 downloads) Popular Download (pdf, 300 KB)
Epilepsy Management Plan 5 (292 downloads) Popular Download (pdf, 105 KB)
Epilepsy Management Plan 4 (283 downloads) Popular Download (pdf, 104 KB)
Epilepsy Management Plan 3 (247 downloads) Popular Download (pdf, 102 KB)
Epilepsy Management Plan 3 (270 downloads) Popular Download (pdf, 102 KB)
Epilepsy Management Plan 2 (273 downloads) Popular Download (pdf, 101 KB)
Epilepsy Management Plan 1 (382 downloads) Popular Download (pdf, 96 KB)
Diabetes Action Plan twice daily injections (292 downloads) Popular Download (pdf, 320 KB)
Diabetes Action Plan Multiple daily injections (302 downloads) Popular Download (pdf, 322 KB)
Diabetes Action Plan Insulin pump (305 downloads) Popular Download (pdf, 914 KB)
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