A variety of procedures apply to students who need to reschedule assessment tasks for a range of purposes, for example: medical reasons, attending school based activities, special provision or other circumstances.

All forms are colour coded and located at student reception or may be downloaded below. Carefully read each form to ensure that the required documentation is provided with each application and within the required timeframe. Please see the Assistants to the Learning Teaching Leader in the Champagnat Hub for further assistance if required.

Rescheduling a School-Based Assessment

All students undertaking a VCE Unit 1 – 4 subject are required to complete School-based Assessments. At Notre Dame College, VCE Units 1 and 2 School-based Assessment tasks are known as Outcome Assessed Tasks (OATs). VCE Units 3 and 4 school-based assessments are called School-Assessed Coursework (SACs).

When a student needs to reschedule an OAT or SAC they must complete the relevant Application to Reschedule form below. These forms are also available from Student Reception.

If a student misses a SAC due to illness, they must provide an original medical certificate, a doctor’s report or a completed Statutory Declaration with their application. Failure to follow this process could result in the student receiving a Not Satisfactory (N) result for the unit.

When an Application to Reschedule has been approved by the Learning and Teaching Leader the student will be required to attend an OAT/SAC Catch-up session after school to complete the assessment.


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