NAPLAN tests the sorts of skills that are essential for every child to progress through school and life, such as reading, writing, spelling, grammar and numeracy. It is important to remember that NAPLAN is not about passing or failing, but about assessing learning progress. At the classroom level it is one of a number of important tools used by teachers to measure student progress. 


Our students will sit NAPLAN Online. NAPLAN Online uses an adaptive test design, which presents questions that better match student achievement levels and provide more precise results for teachers and schools. To find out more about NAPLAN Online, visit

They will use their school laptops for the testing so students must ensure they are fully charged in preparation for all sessions. They will also need a working set of head phones/ear buds.

Demonstration tests for parents and students

To get an idea of what the tests look like, visit the public demonstration site and read more about NAPLAN Online.

2021 Dates

Thursday, 25 March - Compulsory practice test for all Year 7 & Year 9 students.

Tuesday, 11 May - NAPLAN Online testing commences.

Friday, 21 May - NAPLAN Online testing concludes.


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