Notebook Programme

Learning and teaching is supported by an Information and Communications Technology rich environment designed to enhance teachers' abilities to deliver an effective and focused curriculum as well as providing the students with another tool to help them access the curriculum and deepen their knowledge and understanding. All students are provided with a notebook computer by the College.


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Acceptable Use Policy - Information, Communication and Technology Systems – Students.pdf (pdf, 176 KB) Popular Download (pdf, 176 KB)
Dell Latitude 3340 Parts (pdf, 213 KB) Popular Download (pdf, 213 KB)
Dell Latitude 3380 Parts (pdf, 360 KB) Popular Download (pdf, 360 KB)
Notebook Care and Security (pdf, 134 KB) Popular Download (pdf, 134 KB)
Notebook Terms and Conditions (pdf, 257 KB) Popular Download (pdf, 257 KB)
Summary of Responsibilities (pdf, 301 KB) Popular Download (pdf, 301 KB)