Parent, Student, Teacher Interviews

Parent, Student, Teacher Interviews provide an opportunity for parents and students to meet with subject teachers, Pastoral Group Leaders and Heads of House to discuss student progress, acknowledge the areas in which the student is doing well and provide suggestions for ways in which the student can continue to improve their performance.

Small Front of School

Parent, Student, Teacher Interviews are scheduled at the end of Terms 1 and 3. An additional Parent, Student, Teacher Interview session occurs at the start of Term 3 which targets the specific academic needs of the VCE students completing Year 12 subjects. Parent, Student, Teacher Interviews are set at 10 minute intervals and bookings are conducted online via the College Community Portal which allows parents to make their own appointments on the designated dates.

 The Parent, Student, Teacher Interviews together with Online Progressive Feedback provide opportunities for parents and students to have genuine feedback on progress and performance. We encourage all parents to attend Parent, Student Teacher Interviews and to regularly review their child’s performance via the Community Portal.

To book interviews click here to access the Community Portal 


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