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Structured Workplace Learning (SWL) provides students with the opportunity to integrate practical on-the-job experience and learnings in industry with nationally recognised VET undertaken as part of either the VCE or the VCAL units. It provides the context for:

  • Enhanced skill development
  • Practical application of industry knowledge
  • Enhanced employment opportunities.

On this page are a number of attachments designed to assist Notre Dame College Students with their SWL, including:

  • OHS preparation requirements for SWL
  • Advice to students on sourcing SWL
  • Resume and phone skill tips
  • Ministerial Order Forms required to be completed by all parties prior to SWL taking place.

Industry & Enterprise

All Year 10 Students study VCE Unit 1 Industry & Enterprise. A feature of the curriculum at Notre Dame College in 2020 is the iVCE Industry and Enterprise Unit 1: Workplace Participation. Industry and Enterprise which replaces Career Development Skills. It is a compulsory subject for all Year 10 students and runs for the entire year.

A feature of Industry and Enterprise is the requirement of Outcome 2: Developing work- related skills.

This outcome requires students to explore the importance of work-related skills and apply their developing skills by completing at least 35 hours of Structured Workplace Learning (SWL). It is expected students will complete their SWL during school holidays or as part of their current practice

SWL can be undertaken in a variety of settings including the following:

  • In a workplace
  • In community-based workplaces eg volunteering at sporting club
  • Through participation in community enterprise projects and activities eg. Immersion
  • Through ongoing, short-term or one-off structured student-initiated enterprise projects in the school or community
  • Through students’ part-time or casual work out of school hours which may be paid or unpaid
  • Through on-the-job training as part of a school-based apprenticeship or traineeship.

Reference: VCAA VCE Industry and Enterprise Study Design

Teachers will support the students to negotiate their SWL requirements. The existing Immersion Program and Employment Pathways within the school Project Based Learning course provide an alternative opportunity for students to demonstrate the work related skills outcome and assessment procedures. Students are required to maintain a workplace learning journal and /or an enterprise project and activity evaluation and have been provided with a log book to meet these requirements.

It is important to note that students must meet the legislative requirements and complete required safe@work modules, associated self-assessment tests and Ministerial Order No.55 Structured Workplace Learning Forms prior to undertaking any SWL. These forms must be fully completed and signed by the parent, student and employer before being submitted to the Industry and Enterprise teacher. They are then submitted to the Workplace Learning Administration Officer (WLAO) to seek approval from the Principal for the placement to proceed.

Completed Structured Workplace Learning forms ensure that students are covered by the College Public Liability insurance policy in the event of an accident. PLEASE NOTE: Due to the significant risk to all parties, in the absence of Principal approved work placement forms the placement cannot and must not proceed.

VET Employment Pathways 

Employment Pathways’ is an exciting new program tailored to Year 10 students.

Employment Pathways aims to:

  • Provide a flexible program to assist learners to successfully progress into work and training
  • Provide greater opportunity for students to develop their employability skills by engaging in the workplace
  • Upskill students as they gain their Certificate I Employment Pathways qualification.
  • Support students complete the learning outcomes in Unit 1 Industry and Enterprise
  • Assist students to more accurately identify their strengths and opportunities, industry career options and future pathways.

The program is targeted to students who have accelerated their VCE/VET subject (eg Year 10 Building and Construction), who have a learning profile, or who have been identified as benefitting from a more flexible learning program.  Certificate I in Employment Pathways provides a focus on orientation to work options and pathways to further vocational education and training. It is anticipated that students completing Employment Pathways are likely to enrol in the Notre Dame College VCAL programme in Year 11 and 12.

Notre Dame College have introduced a new curriculum structure this year which features Project Based Learning (PBL) for years 7 - 10.  Employment Pathways is offered at the same time as PBL so students will not complete the PBL course.  Employment Pathways will run for the entire year.  A feature of the course is participation in Structured Workplace Learning (SWL) that will occur on Wednesdays.  The assigned teacher will facilitate and support students in SWL.  During the single lesson the teacher will support students to complete their Employment Pathways certificate and reflect on their SWL experience.

For any queries in relation to SWL please contact Ms Belinda McMartin (Workplace Learning and Administration Officer) on 5822 8400 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Please note:

The total number of SWL days must not exceed

  • 40 days during each school year
  • 10 days during each school term

The total number for of SWL days a student may undertake with an individual employer must not exceed 20 days in a school year.

Helpful Links

Local Learning and Employment Network (LLEN) – Structured Workplace Learning Opportunities

Department of Education and Training – Structured Workplace Learning Information

 For further information please contact:

Mrs Belinda McMartin
Workplace Learning & Administration Officer
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Ph: 5822 8400



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