Coronavirus Update from John Cortese 04 August 2020

Dear Parents/Carers,

Thank you for your support of our College and Staff as we prepare to commence our Remote Learning program on Thursday 6 August. Please note the addition of a second student free day for our College on Wednesday 5 August.

Important Dates
Tuesday 4 August and Wednesday 5 August
- Student free days
Thursday 6 August - Remote Learning commences, all students to check Google Classroom and commence their remote learning classes.

Year 10 Pathways
Year 10 Pathways days are scheduled for this Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.  In order to provide these days to the Year 10 students we have amended the way in which these will be conducted remotely.  Students will be enrolled in a Google Classroom for each of the events listed below:

  • Thursday, 6th August - Lesson 1 & 2 - Pathway Day 
  • Thursday, 6th August - Lesson 3 & 4 - Retreat Day
  • Friday, 7th August - Lesson 1 & 2 - Wellbeing Day

Students will attend their normal class for lessons 5 - 6 on Thursday and lessons 3 - 6 on Friday.

Onsite Supervision
We will be running a supervision program onsite for:

  • Children whose parents cannot work from home
  • Vulnerable children
  • Any child with a disability.

Please get in touch with your child’s Head of House or Director of Campus if you have any queries about the onsite supervision program.

Year 7, 8, 10, 11 & 12 Students will be supervised at our Knight St campus.
Year 9 Students will be supervised at the Emmaus campus. A letter will be sent out this afternoon to all Year 9 parents and students with details.

Bookings are now open for Thursday and Friday of this week and for week commencing 10 August 2020.  Please refer to the Onsite Supervision Program Booking Instructions for student bookings.  CLICK HERE

Buses will be running as per normal timetables for those students needing to attend the supervision program.

Students who left resources at school
Students were asked to take all necessary resources home with them yesterday. For students who attend Knight St and were absent today, their lockers will be cleared and all items will be placed in a labelled bag and will be available for collection from Starkie Hall between 3 and 4pm on Tuesday August 4 and 8:30 and 9:30 am on Wednesday August 5. Unfortunately, we will have to cut the locks from these lockers.

For students from our Year 9 programme, for this week only, please call the Year 9 programme and they will organise the clearing and collection of items from the reception building at the Emmaus campus. 

Remote Learning
Remote Learning Programme @ NDC for Parents and Families is currently being revised and will be sent to families before Thursday when we recommence Remote Learning.

Virtual Learning
Our teachers will be moving towards using synchronous (virtual) learning using Microsoft Teams. The procedures and requirements of this are more fully outlined in the Remote Learning Guide. However, it is important to emphasise the legal and professional requirements that need to be fulfilled, including Child Safe obligations are as follows:

  • Video recording of live streamed lessons is not allowed.
  • The teacher manages the online environment as they do in a face to face classroom.
  • The live streamed lesson is a classroom and therefore school behaviour and discipline policies apply. Norms for online behaviour and expectations of the student should be clear and known including appropriate attire, background and informing others.
  • Parents should not be visible on screen or join any group/class chats being moderated by the teacher, unless they have been authorised by the teacher prior to the class.
  • Do not allow any unauthorised access to the live streamed lesson.
  • Invited guest adult speakers require a current Working with Children Check (WWCC) before being admitted.
  • Be careful when using screen sharing to avoid accidentally sharing confidential information.
  • All programs not needed for learning, including email, should be shut down prior to the lesson.
  • At the end of the lesson, the teacher should wait for all students to exit the lesson.

VCE Students
The GAT for senior students will be rescheduled from Wednesday 9 September to Wednesday 7 October (Term 4).

The schedule for the VCE examinations and release of results will remain as previously advised.

Keep well
Keep safe


John Cortese