Coronavirus Update from Kris Walker - 2 September 2020

Term 3 Parent Teacher Interviews using Microsoft Teams
 Instructions for Parents and Students

Parent, Student, Teacher Interviews provide an opportunity for parents and students to meet with subject teachers, Pastoral Group Leaders, Heads of House and Learning Enrichment coordinators to discuss student progress, acknowledge the areas in which the student is doing well and provide suggestions for ways in which the student can continue to improve their performance.

Due to current COVID-19 restrictions, Term 3 Parent Teacher Interviews for students will be held online using Microsoft Teams on:

Thursday 10th September
Thursday 17th September

from 4:00pm - 7:30pm

The Parent, Student, Teacher Interviews together with the Term 3 Remote Learning Work habits and Online Progressive Feedback provides opportunities for parents and students to have genuine feedback on their progress and performance.  We encourage all parents to attend Parent, Student, Teacher Interviews and to regularly review their child’s performance via Notre Dame Engage.

Booking Interviews

Bookings are conducted online via the College Engage Portal which allows parents to make their own appointments on the designated dates.  The bookings will close at 2:00pm the afternoon prior to each interview day.  If you are having trouble making bookings, please contact College Reception on 5822 8400 and one of the staff will assist you. See How to Book a PTI Meeting

On the day of interviews

Timetabled classes after lunch on the day of parent teacher interviews will not feature synchronous lessons. Teachers will schedule the google classroom that outline the learning expectations for students during lessons 5 and 6 and collect attendance data, however, will not be available to respond to student emails whilst teachers prepare for interviews commencing at 4:00pm.

Parent Teacher interviews

Interviews are for a maximum of ten minutes. Students are encouraged to be present at the interviews with their parent(s). Students do not need to wear their school uniform for the online interviews but should be appropriately dressed (no pyjamas please).

We strongly recommend, wherever possible, using your child’s College-issued notebook computer to access Parent Teacher Interviews. This will streamline the process as your child is familiar with Microsoft Teams and has the app already installed. It may be however, that this will not be possible in all cases.

Preparing for Parent Teacher Interviews

Parents are encouraged to prepare prior to each interview using the following questions. These will support the learning conversation with the subject teacher.

  • The parts of this subject I have improved the most in are…
  • The parts of this subject I am having trouble with are…
  • Things I could do to improve in this subject are…
  • Things my teacher/family could do to help me improve in this subject are…

Conduct of Parent Teacher Interviews

As a teacher may be involved in meetings with other parent(s)/students. If you do accidentally join a meeting early the teacher will remove you from the meeting. You will be able to re-join it at the appropriate time. It is important that everyone adheres to the ten-minute meeting schedule to allow the process to run as smoothly as possible.

Screen breaks

No interviews occur in the last 10 minutes of each hour to give participants a screen and refreshment break.

Tips for using Microsoft Teams See Microsoft Teams for PTI's

  • Parent Teacher Interviews are best conducted when all parties can see each other. Please make sure that you switch your Camera On.
  • Set up in a space that is unlikely to be disturbed by others.
  • Please dress appropriately as if you were attending interviews onsite.
  • Microphone/audio problems are often resolved by restarting the computer you are using. Also, speaking directly into the computer’s microphone will ensure the clearest audio quality.
  • Please be patient when waiting to join a meeting and keep to the scheduled 10-minute allocation.
  • If you are coming to the end of a meeting and there is more to be discussed, the teacher will negotiate a time for the conversation to be continued at a future date.
  • If you require any assistance or have any technical issues, please contact the Notebook Service Centre via email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone 0400 895 162 and one of our technicians will assist you.

Microsoft Teams for PTI's document relates to the technical use of the software. Please familiarise yourself with these details including the process for connecting with the interview sessions. Students have been using Teams throughout the remote learning program and are familiar with the key functions. Ideally you will have a chance to establish a suitable interview space at home prior to interviews commencing for the learning conversations to occur uninterrupted.  PTI's Remote Learning Video for Parents and Students

We appreciate your participation in the learning conversation, ongoing support and encouragement of your student and adapting to this process.

We look forward to meeting with you.

Your sincerely,


Kris Walker
Deputy Principal - Learning & Teaching