Coronavirus Update from John Cortese – 5 August 2021

COVID-19 Update

Premier Dan Andrews has announced that Victoria will enter into a seven day lockdown to respond to the current outbreak in Victoria.

  • From 8:00pm tonight, all of Victoria will return to stage four lockdown restrictions, meaning there are only five main reasons to leave the home:
    • Food and supplies
    • Vulnerable Children and Children of essential Work personnel
    • Care and caregiving
    • Exercise, for up to two hours and with one other person
    • Getting vaccinated
  • Exercise and shopping will be limited to within 5 kilometres of the home, unless your nearest shops are further away.
  • Face masks will need to be worn indoors and outdoors and no visitors will be allowed in homes. 

The seven-day lockdown is expected to end at 11:59pm on Thursday, 12 August 2021.

What does this mean for Notre Dame College Students?

Remote Learning to commence for all students from Friday, 6 August to Thursday, 12 August 2021. Students will return to school onsite on Friday, 13 August 2021.

MCP students will continue their normal programme onsite during the lockdown period.

Google classrooms and Microsoft Teams will be used by teachers to communicate with students and conduct lessons.

Please CLICK HERE to view the Remote Learning Programme @ NDC for Parents and Families.

Year 10 Pathways Day – Friday, 6 August 2021

Year 10 Pathways Day will proceed online tomorrow.  Further details will be emailed to students.

General Assessment Test (GAT)

At this stage we believe the General Assessment Test (GAT) will be rescheduled and will not be held on Thursday, 12 August 2021.  We will share updates with you as we receive them.

Access to Student Lockers

Students will be able to access lockers to collect materials between 8:30am – 3:00pm each day.  Students only are permitted onsite (parents are not permitted). 

Students must report to main reception at either campus, use the QR Code to check in.

If your child can’t attend school to access their lockers, please contact the Office on 5822 8400 to make alternative arrangements.

Camps and Excursions

All camps and excursions scheduled to commence between Friday, 6 August and Thursday, 12 August 2021 have been cancelled and may be rescheduled at a later date.

Structured Workplace Learning

Belinda Picone will be in touch with any students whose Structured Workplace Learning will be interrupted by this lockdown.

Notebook Service Centre Support

For parents and students to access technical support from the Notebook Service Centre please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Onsite Supervision

For those students who meet the below criteria, we will be running an onsite supervision program from Friday, 6 August to Thursday, 12 August 2021 at the Knight Street Campus.  You can find the full list of the eligible authorised workers list HERE.

  1. Children where both parents and or carers are considered authorised workers as listed who cannot work from home, work for an essential provider and where no other supervision arrangements can be made:
    1. Where there are two parents/carers, both must be essential workers, working outside the home in order for their children to be eligible for on-site provision,
    2. or single parents/ carers, the essential worker must be working outside the home in order for their children to be eligible for on-site provision.
  2. Vulnerable children, including: children in out-of-home care:
    1. children deemed vulnerable by a government agency, funded family or family violence service, and assessed as requiring education and care outside the family home
    2. children identified by a school or early childhood service as vulnerable, (including via referral from a government agency, or funded family or family violence service, homeless or youth justice service or mental health or another health service)

Any Year 9 student booked into supervision programme will be based at Knight Street.

Masks will be required inside and outside for all students (except those who have an exemption) who attend the programme.

The canteen will not be available to purchase food or drinks.  Students must ensure they bring food and a drink bottle. 

If your child is eligible for the supervision program you MUST book them in for each day.  CLICK HERE to book using booking code WS7VU.


Masks continue to be mandatory for all Victorian citizens over the age of 12 years are compelled to wear masks when out of their home. Face masks will also need to be worn inside and outdoors – everywhere except your own home.

In schools, this means that all school-based staff and secondary school students will be required to wear a face covering.


We understand that these can be difficult times to navigate for you and your children. Our Wellbeing Support Services Team have put together a collection of resources which might be useful for you.  CLICK HERE to access these resources. Your children are able to contact our Wellbeing Support Service directly by sending an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..