Coronavirus Update from John Cortese - 26 August 2021 - 9:30am

Thank you again to our families for their cooperation with Health Department directives and your ongoing efforts to support our Notre Dame students with their learning. We truly appreciate all that you are doing to help keep our community safe. A reminder that we need all of our students to have received a COVID test by the end of the day today – thank you.

Self-Reporting to Department of Health 

Please complete this self-reporting form to register your child’s attendance at a Tier 1 site with the Department of Health – they will contact you and give you information about quarantine and testing requirements.

COVID-19 Testing Survey 

Thank you to those families who have completed our COVID testing survey. These statistics are being provided to Goulburn Valley Health to assist them in understanding the situation at the College and the wider community.

If your family members have been tested since you first completed the survey please CLICK HERE to complete it again for us.

Remote Learning  

The College aims to maintain connection with our students, continuity of learning and some sense of normal routine for students in these challenging times.

The requirement for all members of the College community to get tested will have significant implications for staff and students to fully engage with the remote learning program. 

Teachers will aim to maintain the Google Classroom and attendance questions as per timetable

Synchronous classes will be delayed until further notice. 

Teachers have been encouraged to adjust the learning expectations, so students are not overwhelmed. 


Teachers need to maintain the planned learning program to complete VCE units and commence exam preparation. 

In the event students are unable to complete a SAC (school-based assessment) on/by the due date they must apply to reschedule. 

Complete and submit thisGoogle form at least 48 hours prior to the original due date, or within 48 hours following the due date if they have been unwell or unable to complete the task due to COVID testing requirements. 

Structured Workplace Learning 

The Structured Workplace Learning and Work Experience program has been postponed until further notice.

In line with the Stop and Stay order and the classification of Notre Dame as a Tier 1 site NO STUDENTS ARE ABLE TO PARTICIPATE IN ANY PLACEMENTS UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE.

We all need to stay in our own homes and quarantine with our household members.

Student attendance 

We anticipate staff and student attendance will be heavily impacted over the coming days due to long wait times at COVID testing stations. Teachers will maintain their google classroom and attendance questions which are used to record daily attendance on SEQTA. 

Parents are required to contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to advise the College in the event students cannot complete the Google Classroom expectations due to an approved absence e.g. COVID testing or too unwell and not capable of applying themselves to the learning tasks. 

The College will call families to follow up unknown absences. 


We appreciate this is a challenging period for the entire College community.

Please continue to work closely with us and encourage your children to maintain a regular learning routine. If you have any queries or concerns, please contact the Head of House or Learning Community Leader.