Update from John Cortese – 2 October 2021

COVID-19 Update

Unfortunately, we have received the news last night that Victoria’s Acting Chief Health Officer has declared City of Greater Shepparton will enter into a 7 day lockdown commencing at 11:59pm, Friday 1 October to respond to the current COVID-19 caseloads.

From 11:59pm Friday 1 October, all of City of Greater Shepparton will return to stage four lockdown restrictions, meaning there are only five main reasons to leave the home:

  • Shopping for necessary goods and services (one person per household, once per day, a support person can accompany if required).
  • Caregiving or compassionate reasons.
  • Authorised work or permitted education, or work interstate.
  • Exercise (up to four hours, with one other person plus dependants if they cannot be left unattended. The other person can be from another household).
  • Receive a COVID-19 vaccination.
  • Other specified reasons (specific exemptions apply).

Face masks will need to be worn indoors and outdoors and no visitors will be allowed in homes. Authorised workers are required to have a permit.

The lockdown is expected to end at 11:59pm on Friday, 8 October 2021.

What does this mean for Notre Dame College Students?

We had been so looking forward to seeing all students back onsite again in the next couple of weeks. We are hoping that this will just be a short delay and we will be back on track really soon.

Learning & Teaching

Notre Dame appreciates the challenges remote learning presents for everyone in the community, staff and students. We continue to hold high expectations for continuous learning and will adapt to the situation by modifying our learning intentions, success criteria and assessment tasks.

Week 1

  • Year 12 (and Year 11 in Unit 3/4 classes):
    • Remote Learning Monday 4 October.
    • GAT – Tuesday 5 October: Students completing a scored VCE Unit 3/4 or Year 2 VET subject must complete the GAT and will be able to wear casual clothes. Students are to arrive at Mercy Stadium no earlier than 9.30am via the gates off Knight St and leave the site immediately following the GAT.
      *There will be no remote classes for Unit 3/4 VCE Subjects on Tuesday 5 October. VCAL classes and unscored VET classes will run remotely.
    • Onsite Learning from Wednesday 6 October.
  • All other students:
    • Remote Learning Monday 4 October – Friday 8 October.

Weeks 2 and 3

We will provide advice on the format for Week 2 and 3 when we receive further advice and details.

Google Classroom and Microsoft Teams will be used by teachers to communicate with students and conduct lessons.

Parents are encouraged to communicate through their child's Pastoral group leader and Head of House if their child is unable to maintain the learning expectations of their teachers and consideration for adapted learning plans can be established.

Please CLICK HERE to view the Remote Learning Programme @ NDC for Parents and Families.

Summer Uniform Transition

Until Monday, 18 October 2021, students have the option of wearing correct summer or winter uniform. From Monday, 18 October, correct summer uniform is to be worn. The uniform shop is open for purchasing any new items. Opening times are published on the College website.  Students are to wear winter uniform if they do not have correct summer uniform organised yet – uniform passes for wearing PE uniform in place of summer uniform will not be granted. College hats are to be worn by all students when they are outside at recess and lunchtime and for any outdoor classes from day 1 of term 4.

Events and Cancellations

  • Week 1 Term 4 all excursions - CANCELLED
  • Year 8 JE/MU scheduled for 6 October to 8 October – CANCELLED
  • Year 8 Time and Space Evening – 11 October – CANCELLED
  • Year 10 Ball – CANCELLED - Letter to Year 10 Families

Notebook Service Centre Support

For parents and students to access technical support from the Notebook Service Centre please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Onsite Supervision

For those students who meet the below criteria, we will be running an onsite supervision program from Monday, 4 October to Friday, 8 October 2021.  You can find the full list of the eligible authorised workers HERE.

Students who are NOT registered will have to be collected from the College and taken home.

Bookings must be made by 12:00pm the day prior.

Criteria for Onsite Supervision Program:

  1. Children where both parents and or carers are considered authorised workers who cannot work from home, work for an essential provider and where no other supervision arrangements can be made:
    1. Where there are two parents/carers, both must be essential workers, working outside the home in order for their children to be eligible for on-site provision.
    2. For single parents/ carers, the essential worker must be working outside the home in order for their children to be eligible for on-site provision.

      For Authorised Provider and Authorised Worker Permit Eligibility and Exemption requirements - CLICK HERE. If you are eligible, once you have completed the booking you MUST email a copy of all relevant permits and/or if exempt from a permit copy of your employee identification card to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
  1. Students considered vulnerable will be notified by our Wellbeing Team, Head of House. Director of Year 9 or Director of McAuley Champagnat Programme.

Year 7, 8, 10, 11 and 12 students booked into supervision programme will be based at the Knight St Campus.

Year 9 and MCP students booked into supervision programme will be based at the Emmaus Campus.

Masks will be required inside and outside for all students (except those who have an exemption) who attend the programme.

Knight St - The canteen will not be available to purchase food or drinks on Monday 4 October and Tuesday 5 October.  Students must ensure they bring food and a drink bottle.  From Wednesday 6 October the canteen will be available to purchase food or drinks on a reduced menu. 

Year 9 - The canteen will not be available to purchase food or drinks.  Students must ensure they bring food and a drink bottle. 

MCP – The Café will function as usual.

If your child is eligible for the supervision program you MUST book them in for each day.  CLICK HERE to book using booking code WS7VU. MCP students will be booked into the supervision program by staff.

COVID-19 Health Advice

Please continue to follow any Health Department directives regarding testing and quarantine requirements.

Key behaviours required for reducing COVID-19 transmission risk include staying home when unwell, performing regular hand hygiene and, where possible, pursuing strategies to support physical distancing.

Students and staff should continue to be vigilant and remain home if unwell.

Hand hygiene remains one of the critical measures to reduce COVID-19 transmission.  Hands should be cleaned with an alcohol-based hand sanitiser or washed with soap and water for 20 seconds.

Students should cough or sneeze into their elbow or a tissue.

Face Coverings

  • Must be carried at all times.
  • Must be worn indoors and outdoors except if at home, or if an exception applies.
  • Must be worn on all public transport.
  • All students MUST bring their own face masks to school. It’s advisable for students to have spare face masks in their locker should they require a replacement. Students who do not bring masks or refuse to wear them without an exemption will not be able to remain at school and will need to be collected from the College by parents/guardians.


  • Staff must wear face masks while teaching wherever practicable, except where removal of a face mask is necessary for effective communication.
  • Students who have a medical exemption not to wear a mask must provide a note from their parents/guardians outlining the reason.  The note is then taken to their Head of House who will issue them with an exemption sticker.

If you have any significant concerns, please do not hesitate to contact your child’s Head of House, Learning Community Leader or Wellbeing Support Service.


We understand that these can be difficult times to navigate for you and your children. Our Wellbeing Support Services Team have put together a collection of resources which might be useful for you.  CLICK HERE to access these resources. Your children are able to contact our Wellbeing Support Service directly by sending an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..