Update from John Cortese – 12 May 2022

Dear Parents and Guardians

As the colder weather settles in we are finding that more of us are becoming unwell. Not necessarily with COVID but with colds, flu and other viruses which are spreading at the moment. Our advice has not changed from that which we have been sharing since our first COVID outbreaks. If you are experiencing any symptoms of COVID, even if you have returned a negative RAT test, you cannot come to school.

We know this is difficult for our students and their families. As a community many are worried about missing key assessment tasks. It is so important though, that we continue to prevent the spread of any sickness as much as we possibly can and it’s also important that we rest when we are unwell so that we have the chance to properly recover.

COVID Symptoms

If your child has any symptoms of COVID they must stay home, even if they have tested negative on a RAT. Any students who present to school with COVID symptoms, without providing evidence of an underlying medical condition, such as hay fever, will be sent home.


John Cortese