Important Update from John Cortese - 17 October 2022

These are certainly challenging times and we’re all doing the best we can. We’ve had directives from local authorities and Catholic Education Sandhurst that we must prioritise the safety of our staff and students and are unable to reopen the College this week. The support you continue to give each other, our students, staff and the wider Shepparton Community is very much appreciated.

Some of our staff and students have had water through their homes in recent days, many are stuck in their houses with water in their streets. We will shortly be sending you an SMS with a link to a survey as we would like to know how you are travelling as the flooding in our area unfolds.

We are very proud of the efforts we have heard our students have been making to support their families and the community over the past few days and wish to thank them for all they are doing.

Continuing Learning

There will be no formal remote learning classes provided for students this week. However, we do encourage all students to continue their learning this week if they are able. Some suggestions to help them do this include:

  • Read over your notes for your subjects
  • Complete any unfinished work that is already on Google Classroom
  • If you have access to power, use your online learning tools, such as Style, Jacaranda Online, Quizlet, Math Pathways etc.
  • Create summaries of the work you have been doing in class prior to this week
  • Read a novel
  • Talk to someone in your home about what you’ve been learning and try to explain it to them

Students studying VCE/VET Unit 3/4 subjects

Students studying VCE/VET Unit 3/4 subjects are encouraged to continue to prepare for VCAA exams. Subject teachers will continue to load material onto the Google Classroom and where possible, be available to support students complete practice exams and worked solutions. As soon as school resumes, subject teachers will be available as per timetable until the scheduled exam.

Unit 3 and 4 students will receive an email from Susan Nabbs (Director of Learning and Teaching) with more details about exam arrangements and accessing support very soon.

Year 12 Final Week Events / 2023 Student Leaders

We will cancel all events this week and look to rescheduling a day which includes mass, rites of passage and assembly on Thursday 17 November. More details will follow.

2023 Student Leaders will be announced next week in an alternate format.


  • Game Changers Camp to Phillip Island
  • Outdoor Ed Camps scheduled for next week
  • All Year 8 Camps
  • Various other excursions scheduled this week and next week

Families will be notified separately of these cancellations if their children are involved.

Displaced People

Local authorities using Stadium and/or Mons Bones Hall to provide shelter for those who need it. We will be an overflow location from McIntosh Centre.

Accessing support

Victorian Floods, October 2022 - Australian Government Disaster Recovery Payment
Victorian Emergency relief assistance payment

Please stay safe.

John Cortese