Important Update from John Cortese - 20 October 2022

Dear Parents and Families,

School Flood Update:

Thank you for your support of our school and community over the past week. The contact that we have received, reaffirming our decision to close this week has been appreciated. It is pleasing to see the water receding quicker than expected.

Our school and Catholic Education Sandhurst’s (CES Ltd) priority is the health, safety and wellbeing of staff and students. To ensure this we will continue to follow the guidance of Emergency Services and the advice provided by CES Ltd.

Yesterday the School Leadership team met to review the current situation. This communication is again intended to provide a sense of longer-term clarity through these unpredictable times.

The current advice from Emergency Services and CES Ltd is that more rains are expected towards the end of this week and a significant rain event is expected Monday and Tuesday of next week.  There will be understandable anxiety in our community about this possibility.

At this point in time, we are not deciding to close our school. Our hope is to be able to return to full school operations on Monday. However, the Principals of the Greater Shepparton Area Catholic Schools are gathering on Sunday to evaluate the advice provided from the relevant authorities and assess the current situation with the possibility of closing schools on Monday and Tuesday. Communication will be circulated to all families on Sunday afternoon or earlier, to confirm our plans for next week.

Learning Programs

In the event the College remains closed on Monday, or students are unable to attend school.

Teachers will be providing details of timetabled lessons through the google classroom.

This will include learning intentions and access to digital resources. We appreciate that some students and families in difficult circumstances may be unable to engage with the learning program at this stage.  We encourage students to do what’s possible and maintain contact with their subject teachers and Heads of House.

Helping Children and young people after natural events

After a flood, children may need comfort, reassurance, and support, and to know that they are safe and are being looked after.

  • Find out what they know of the flood
  • Listen to any concerns they may have
  • Monitor exposure to media stories of the flood
  • Be aware of how you talk
  • Look after yourself
  • Seek additional support if required

Student Wellbeing

If you have any specific, urgent or immediate concerns with regard to the mental health or the wellbeing of your child, please access the following resources:


  • For weather forecasts, including weather warnings please monitor the Bureau of Meteorology website
  • For emergency incidents and advice, including Emergency Warnings and Watch and Act Alerts please monitor the Vic Emergency website
  • For information on road closures across Victoria, please monitor the VicTraffic website
  • For sandbagging collection points, please visit the SES website

We will continue to update you as more information comes to hand.  Thank you for your ongoing support and we hope you and your family continue to stay safe during these challenging times.

Yours sincerely,


John Cortese