Welcome from the Principal

John Cortese

Welcome to Notre Dame College and thank you for expressing interest in our school.  By exploring our website, you will come to see that Notre Dame College is a vibrant and extremely successful school community which we are looking forward to you and your family becoming a part of.

I hope that as you navigate through our site you get a general feel for the school, as well as specific information, and you gain a sense of the great pride and joy we have in our College.

Should you still have any queries or questions, please do not hesitate to contact myself or the College directly.

Have a wonderful day,

Mr. John Cortese

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Principal Notre Dame College



My Gratitude and Thanks to you all

I often say that I have the best job in the world. What more would one want than to be Principal of our great Notre Dame College. As we (as a College community) have travelled through 2020 in times that have been unprecedented in our lives, it has made me even more proud (if that is possible) of our students, staff, parents and community regarding how well everyone has handled the pressures and stresses around the Coronavirus pandemic.

My absolute and sincerest of thanks must go to the many people (mostly our staff) who have enabled our great College to continue to operate during these unique times and quickly follow on with my deepest gratitude to all the students for attacking their studies in such a positive and adventurous manner. Your hard work and willingness to try new things will hold you in good stead for years to come.

Staff have gone above and beyond what would be their normal routine and duties, and I am so indebted to them all. I am truly inspired by and thrilled to see the genuine excitement staff had in meeting all the challenges faced, their personal and professional commitment to making a difference during these uncertain times, and the obvious love they all have for both their individual roles and our great College.

With this commitment, staff have helped to ensure that the point of difference between Notre Dame College and many other schools is the importance of the welfare of our whole community and to ensure we deliver what is best for our students. I am truly blessed to lead such great people who help make this College so special.

After being in remote learning on a number of occasions, it so uplifting and rewarding to offer everybody a huge welcome back. In those times, it’s magnificent to see everyone back at school and doing what we believe is just a normal part of life.

During 2020, many staff, parents and students have said to me things such as:

  • We miss school.
  • We love being at school.

I absolutely agree. School is one of the greatest parts of our lives.  It is an integral part of our day. We need to make the most of it now and enjoy it!


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