Wellbeing Team Coronavirus Update

Hello All

We are well aware that this topsy-turvy environment right now can make us feel a little uncertain, and you aren’t alone if you’re feeling like this.  These sorts of situations can make everything seem ‘different’ at different times for most of us.  If you find yourself feeling overwhelmed or confused by things, it’s very important that you take care of yourself.

How can I look after myself during the Coronavirus situation?

These three sites have lots of great tips for self-care and wellbeing:

Are there any apps which I can use to help take care of my wellbeing?

The following link will take you to a range of apps and tools which have been reviewed and rated by Reachout.com and are designed to support your mental health and wellbeing.  We hope you find something here that will assist you:

What can we learn from this experience?

In every challenging situation we always learn something new; about ourselves and perhaps about our world.   Here is an article which considers the positive things we might learn or take away from the Coronavirus experience:

Remember, this time will pass and our usual routines and activities will begin again.  In the meantime, we need to look after ourselves and each other. 

As Ms Phillips at Emmaus does, each day we can use our GEM reminders from our Planners:

  • Gratitude: - What are three things to be grateful for today?
  • Empathy: - Who have I/will I reach out to today to check in on?
  • Mindfulness: - have I checked in on how I am feeling? Do I need to take some deep breaths or do some mindful activity eg., a walk in the yard? Kick of the footy? Throw the netball around? Dance/sing in my lounge room? Do something creative? Take a bath? Eat something nourishing?

For parents you might want to explore the following links:

Take care and stay well.

 The Wellbeing Support Service