Homework Club

The purpose of Homework Club is to provide assistance to students to help them develop their study habits and to instil independent study skills in a positive and supportive environment.

Homework Club2

Students are expected to be prepared for Homework Club by bringing their notebook computer, school books, texts and school work to complete during this time.

In Homework Club students will work on a range of projects including but not limited to:

  • Set assignments
  • Work that has not been finished in class
  • Teacher assigned homework
  • Revision
  • Reading novels
  • Students also have an opportunity to practice things learnt in classes

While every assistance is offered to the students in Homework Club it is not a tutoring service and one to one assistance is not available.

Entry into the Homework Club

Homework Club is by invitation only, as places are limited. There are very clear guidelines and expectations in relation to behaviour and attendance. Please direct enquiries to your students Head of House.

Homework Club Opening Hours

Monday to Thursday 3:30pm - 4:30pm