East Timor Immersion

This year we will have one group of students and staff travelling to Timor Leste. The staff members are Mr Steve Bognar and Mrs Patricia Francis.

The group will visit various Marist associated schools, learning centres and community programs around Timor-Leste and Baucau. The ever reliable and enthusiastic Sebas will again be the guide and mentor for our group as they learn much about the culture and friendliness of the East Timorese people.

20 July 2019

College update

Our group in Timor Leste has made a slight adjustment to their itinerary and arrived in Dili yesterday. Unfortunately Trish has had to fly home and be with family. Steve with their guide Sebas and students now in Dili, all still travelling well, staying with the Carmelite Sisters and will be home as per normal.


Message from Steve this morning.

Yes, we are all back on track with our mission here, that has been the focus this afternoon. We have the next day and a bit mapped out so all good.


I am sure the students are getting excited about returning home and sharing lots of stories about the trip.



Mr Billings

Any queries please call me on 0429316020

17 July 2019

✋✋ from a much more upbeat group of travellers this morning! After a well rested couple of days all students and staff are on their feet and eager to concur another day of adventures. We had a great night of conversation and singing last night with the Australian Marist Brothers (Australian, Brazilian as well as Timorese brothers in training) which was exactly what we all needed. Today we are off to visit the Violence against women's centre here in Baucau where we will take part in a traditional cooking class. Adios.

16 July 2019

Good morning from Baucau. After a minor case of food poisoning/ tummy bug managed to destroy an entire group bar Tricia and Bronte, all have recovered well and are keen for another day of tai making demonstrations and a beach visit. We will then be dining alongside the Marist brothers at 6pm. Looking forward to seeing you all!

14 July 2019

Bondia from Abafala! We have had a exciting couple of days. Yesterday we started by visiting a Marist supported centre for youth with disabilities which opened our students eyes to the endless opportunities for fundraising. We continued our busy day by attending a graduation ceremony for students attending a technology computer school in New Baccau which Notre Dame have been providing laptops to for years now. This morning started with a traditional Timorese mass at 7:30 before boarding a microlet to Abafala. Here we were welcomed with traditional dances and the presentation of tais. Everyone is now resting up after a jam packed afternoon running around with the children at the local school. Tomorrow we have the grand opening of a new school building which is possible in part due to NDC fundraising. We are both excited and sad that this time next week we will be on our way home.










Wood carving facility at the Marish Disability centre










Our students celebrating with the school graduates










Beautiful Timorese dancers welcoming us to Abafala










A grand welcome from the Abafala community

12 July 2019

Ola from Ponte Leste. This afternoon we had an amazing time at a local youth and child centre teaching English to children ranging in age from 5 to 19. All of the students really enjoyed this interaction and are buzzing with excitement tonight.


11 July 2019

Good morning from Baccau. We are off to a primary school this morning and all feeling excited.



10 July 2019

We received a warm welcome ( and lunch) at Caritas Australia. Now about to hit the track to Baccau.


10 July 2019

Good moring from Timor Leste. We had a jam packed afternoon yesterday visiting the Christo rei statue and experiencing the beautiful beaches of Dili. We are heading off to the Dili historic museum this morning and then travelling to Bakau which is a 4 hour journey... everyone is looking forward to seeing the kids!! Love from all.


9 July 2019

The Timor Leste group had an early rise to visit the local resistance museum and the Santa Cruz cemetery. We are currently awaiting lunch and looking forward to an afternoon trip to Christo rei statue. All our love from Timor.


8 July 2019

The Timor Leste group have arrived safely after a long day. The group is enjoying each other's company and looking forward to seeing more of Dili tomorrow.

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