14 July 2019

Bondia from Abafala! We have had a exciting couple of days. Yesterday we started by visiting a Marist supported centre for youth with disabilities which opened our students eyes to the endless opportunities for fundraising. We continued our busy day by attending a graduation ceremony for students attending a technology computer school in New Baccau which Notre Dame have been providing laptops to for years now. This morning started with a traditional Timorese mass at 7:30 before boarding a microlet to Abafala. Here we were welcomed with traditional dances and the presentation of tais. Everyone is now resting up after a jam packed afternoon running around with the children at the local school. Tomorrow we have the grand opening of a new school building which is possible in part due to NDC fundraising. We are both excited and sad that this time next week we will be on our way home.










Wood carving facility at the Marish Disability centre










Our students celebrating with the school graduates










Beautiful Timorese dancers welcoming us to Abafala










A grand welcome from the Abafala community

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