Fiji Group A

22/06/2018: A weary Fiji A group arrived in Nadi at 5am our time and then had a short wait for their connection to Savusavu. They have now arrived their safely and are enjoying breakfast.

24/06/2018: All the students are fit and well and according the them “having the best time ever”. Everyone is in good spirits and engaging with the community in every way possible. The weather has been wet but it is not uncomfortable. On Saturday they spent the whole day doing sports activities with primary schools and Sunday, went to mass at Napuka and then a hike for a spectacular view.

28/06/2018:  The students have spent the mornings in the village learning Fijian culture and interacting with the villagers. The afternoons have been spent at school playing sports. All students have caught the local public transport into town – a long day but a taste of the real life of this area. Everyone is happy and feel at home here. As a bonus the whole group has been taught a Fijian dance to perform to the Village. The whole community has been exceptionally welcoming.

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01/07/2018: Bula from Fiji A. Two full on days of sports, one with the local village where we were joined by Fiji B group. Playing mainly netball with all the villagers 😀 It was also a public holiday, very happy time that finished with much dancing and Fijian music. Next day was off to the rugby, competitive sports day. Watching senior teams crunch each other in typical Fiji style. We met up with Fiji C there. Another great day that ended with a talent show in the village hall.  The weekend has been spent planning our project, which will begin tomorrow. Helen and a few students heading to Savusavu buying supplies, rest of us in the school working. Healthy students 😀 all good. Their laughter and their joy at being in Fiji is still very evident. We also walked up and over a big hill to get to Mass this morning. Bula vinaka

04/07/2018: Bula. We have spent the last two days of the trip in classrooms at the Primary School.  Lots of laughter, singing, games and sometimes even lessons delivered by our students. We have also fixed up and painted the school bus shelter. The water stopped running 24 hours ago so having a wash has been challenging, till this afternoon when the whole group headed for the local swimming hole and had a bath in fresh Fiji water 😀 Most are sad to be leaving tomorrow but also keen to get home and talk about all the adventures we have had. Big send off party and Fiji feast planned for tonight. More dancing to come 😀

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