Fiji Group A

12 July 2019

T-2 hours until departure scheduled for 1910 (Fiji time). ETA AEST 2300.


12 July 2019

First day in class seems like a long time ago.  A lot has happened and been achieved between then and now.

Photo teaser - dining room for the past 2 weeks.


12 July 2019

1 x small plane ride down and 1 x big plane ride to go today.  Students are in good health and well-being under the care of substitute Mother and older Brother.  Liz and Ty



10 July 2019

Bula from Kanakana. Group A are all well and enjoying their time in the classrooms. A villiage visit to Lumiboso yesterday with cakes and dancing.  One very treasured day to go.  So many friendships and memories made.  The weather is amazing about 25 today.  Moce from F1J1.

5 July 2019

Yadra from F1J1! All going well here, students in good health and spirits. Lots of helping out at the local school this week. Potential boat trip tomorrow with the local Fijians to a nearby island has the students excited atm. Mass on Sunday at Napuka. Many friendships are being formed and memories being made. Ty & Liz

3 July 2019

Bula from Saint Patricks Primary school. We arrived safe and well, but a little late. A beautiful welcome. A balmy 28. A welcome from the chief so we may have access to their land. Students are now in the classrooms helping out wherever they can! Liz & Ty.

1 July 2019

After initial flight delays, Fiji A are happy to report all is going well, students in good spirits. 

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