Fiji Group C

26/06/2018: They have arrived safely in Fiji and are doing their grocery shopping in Savu Savu and enjoying some breakfast before heading to Kanakana. The warm weather has been well received by all!

03/07/2018:  We are having a great time getting to know the locals and participating in celebrations as well as getting into classrooms. Lots of sport in the afternoons. We went to see a local rugby & netball competition on Saturday. Today we are hiking and trying our luck trapping mongoose. Some minor tummy upsets, but everyone is well at present.

07/07/2018: We've had a fabulous last few days & have been dancing up a storm with the locals at night. Everyone is well. We are looking upon the journey home with joy & with sadness. Looking forward to seeing parents about 11pm on Sunday. Thanks, Nonie & Glenn

08/07/2018: Another update from Immersion group C. Teary departure from Kanakana. We're at Savu Savu airport waiting for our flight to Nadi. Everyone is well & looking forward to seeing everyone tonight.

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