Year 12 2020 Final Week Letter to Families


9 October 2020

Dear Year 12 Parents and Guardians,

I hope this letter finds you all well and supporting your children in their preparation for final VCE Exams or completion of their VCAL requirements. As you are no doubt aware, we are now approaching the last few weeks of formal classes for our Year 12 students. This is a wonderful achievement and an important time for these young people.

With the current COVID-19 restrictions, our celebrations of honouring our Year 12 students will be very different in comparison to previous years. The current restrictions do not allow for assemblies, graduation ceremonies, masses or having parents/guardians come onto the College site. If these restrictions change in the coming weeks, we will do our very best to respond to these to ensure any further celebrations can be held.

Year 12 students will finish formal classes at 3:15pm on Thursday 29 October 2020. On Friday 30 October, the students will be involved in their Rites of Passage from 8:45am to 11:00am. This will be done in class sized groups with a mixture of live streaming and pre-recorded videos reflecting on their time at the College. After this, we will hold a virtual College assembly in pastoral groups where we will acknowledge our Year 12 students. Year 12 students are to wear full and correct summer uniform (not sport uniform, however rugby jumpers are permissible) for this occasion and will leave the College at midday.

VCE Year 12 teachers will be available as per their usual timetabled Year 12 classes up to and including the date of their subject exam. Students are encouraged to see their teachers during this time for additional assistance and revision. I strongly encourage students to take advantage of these arrangements to meet with their teachers prior to their exams.

The official VCE exams commence on Monday 9 November and finish on Wednesday 2 December 2020. The majority of our VCE Year 12 students have worked hard throughout the year and now, as we approach the final exams, it is important for the students to remain focussed on their studies. Your son/daughter has received a hard copy of the VCE Exams Navigator 2020 Booklet from Mrs Susan Nabbs, Learning and Teaching Leader (VCE). This was contained in the practice exam packs.

It is my hope and expectation that our Year 12 students will finish their secondary education at Notre Dame College in a mature, respectful, dignified and safe manner, of which we can all be proud. Occasionally, a small minority of students at this time of year make a choice to engage in inappropriate behaviours as part of a ‘muck up’ day or week celebrations, including the misuse of social media. Notre Dame College does not support or condone the concept of ‘muck up’ celebrations or activities at any time. It is important that all of our Year 12 students and their families are aware that I will act swiftly to stop these types of behaviours. Students need to be aware that consequences could include them being excluded from the College or any future College celebrations. In extreme circumstances, it could result in students having to sit their final exams at another location or having Police involvement.

Students are expected to adhere to all College Policies in these final weeks - in particular students are reminded that they are not to come to school or attend school having consumed alcohol or drugs, nor should they be consumed while at school or at any other venue whilst in College uniform. It is also particularly important that student drivers have completed all appropriate paperwork which gives them permission to drive to and from school and that all conditions relating to this are adhered to. Repeatedly circling the College, throwing items from cars and any other dangerous behaviours will not be tolerated.

Again, failure to adhere to these policies will result in the consequences as outlined above. I urge parents/guardians to talk to your sons and daughters about their end of year arrangements to help ensure their safety and the safety of others during this time, whilst maximising their opportunities to achieve high levels of success in their examinations.

I am exceptionally proud of our Year 12 students and the way the vast majority of them have conducted themselves during their years at our College. The maturity they displayed in the recent GAT was a testament to their resilience to a very difficult year, and this was highlighted to me by the external supervisors. My prayer for them now is that they will remain committed and focussed on their studies over the coming weeks, so that they can reap the benefits of their thirteen years of schooling.


Mr. John Cortese

 year 12 2020 exam prep3

Teachers Availability  04/11/20 onwards

All Unit 3/4 & VCE/VET Year 2 timetabled classes will continue to run up to the day prior to the subject's  VCAA exam to support students with exam revision activities.

Students are strongly encouraged to attend all revision classes and benefit from the expertise and ongoing encouragement from their subject teachers.

Private study is available in the  Resource Centre.

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