Year 12 Retreat Letter to Parents


8 November 2021

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Students who will be in Year 12 next year (2022) are required to participate in a 3 day retreat in February. The retreat is a fantastic way for the Year 12 students and teachers to begin the year and I wish to emphasise its importance as an integral part of our Religious Education Programme.


There is more information including travel times, accommodation and packing details being distributed to students during ECP, however, the dates are:

Wednesday February 2 to Friday February 4, 2022

To make the retreat experience successful and complete, we ask parents/guardians to write a letter to your son/daughter who is participating in the retreat.  This letter is a chance for you to give support and encouragement to your child. No one else will read the letter, so you may be as intimate as you wish with your thoughts and feelings.  I encourage you to keep this letter confidential so that its content becomes a surprise. The students will receive the letter at one of the final sessions of the retreat.

Parents in the past have sought some direction with this, so I take the liberty to outline some ideas which may be helpful:

  • List the hopes you have for him/her
  • List the positive qualities you see in your child
  • Write about the joy your child has brought you and your family
  • Write about how you feel when your relationship seems to break down
  • Invite other members of the family to write their own thoughts/wishes and included these in the letter
  • Try to be as positive as you can, but be honest - don’t write something that is false
  • If one or both parents do not usually write letters to their children then this is a perfect opportunity to do so at least once, no matter how brief

We would ask that parents do not send gifts or parcels with the letter.  The idea is simply to send a personal letter and it is worthwhile to invite your son/daughter to talk to you about their response to the letter when they return home from the retreat.

Please send your sealed letters to the College by Friday November 26, 2021, care of Head of HouseEnsure that the sealed envelope is identified with student name and Pastoral Group.

If you need more information, please do not hesitate to contact myself or your son/daughter’s Head of House.

Yours sincerely

Les Billings

Deputy Principal Catholic Identity